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Islamic Hospital Concept in Medicine

All human rights guaranteed by the divine religions , international instruments , and conventions cannot come to realisation unless the right to health manifested first . Thus , health is the most fundamental human right that comes after the right to live . All of the international conventions and instruments devoted to bring this right to realisation as it guarantees the realisation of the rest of the human rights . Hospitals , healthcare and treatment centres have all competed to provide an advanced , strong , Safe and faithful practices in healthcare at the utmost attainable standard that can be . The International Covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural Rights recognizes " the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health " .

The Islamic Hospital has followed solid healthcare measures and attained high - level in proficiency and quality testing and professionality in utilising all healthcare and therapy systems and healthcare consultations . As all admit that it is impossible to provide an ultimate prevention to human diseases , we , at the Islamic Hospital , consider the right to health as the right of utilising healthcare , treatment facilities , and health consultation required for the preventions of diseases and the proper heath of individuals .

In the Islamic Hospital , we established well - equipped facilities with accreditation , and provided qualified health competencies that see medicine not only as a profession but most importantly as a sacred message and ethical practise . We set ourselves to the objective of " Accessibility " ; all our services and facilities are accessible to all patients from all different environments and various segments of society based on our rule of " Equality of Treatment Opportunity " .

The Islamic Hospital is committed to its legal , ethical and professional obligations bounded with deep faith and convection , and free of doubt or hesitation . Accordingly , Islamic Hospital has implemented all the global standards for quality healthcare services and demonstrated compliance to all standards of local and international accreditation . The Islamic Hospital is one of the largest institutions in the private medical sector in Jordan . The vertical and horizontal expansion that we achieved , the high capacity of utilization , and high - level credibility and competitiveness are all achieved as a result of commitment to our national mission and social responsibility and our belief in our role in this development . Eventually , all the aforementioned constitute a significant role to guarantee sustainability of our mission , role , and vision .