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Islamic Hospital Concept in Medicine

All human rights guaranteed by the divine religions , international instruments , and conventions cannot come to realisation unless the right to health manifested first . Thus , health is the most fundamental human right that comes after the right to live . All of the international conventions and instruments devoted to bring this right to realisation as it guarantees the realisation of the rest of the human rights . Hospitals , healthcare and treatment centres have all competed to provide an advanced , strong , Safe and faithful practices in healthcare at the utmost attainable standard that can be . The International Covenant on Economic , Social and Cultural Rights recognizes " the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health " .

The Islamic Hospital has followed solid healthcare measures and attained high - level in proficiency and quality testing and professionality in utilising all healthcare and therapy systems and healthcare consultations . As all admit that it is impossible to provide an ultimate prevention to human diseases , we , at the Islamic Hospital , consider the right to health as the right of utilising healthcare , treatment facilities , and health consultation required for the preventions of diseases and the proper heath of individuals .

In the Islamic Hospital , we established well - equipped facilities with accreditation , and provided qualified health competencies that see medicine not only as a profession but most importantly as a sacred message and ethical practise . We set ourselves to the objective of " Accessibility " ; all our services and facilities are accessible to all patients from all different environments and various segments of society based on our rule of " Equality of Treatment Opportunity " .

The Islamic Hospital is committed to its legal , ethical and professional obligations bounded with deep faith and convection , and free of doubt or hesitation . Accordingly , Islamic Hospital has implemented all the global standards for quality healthcare services and demonstrated compliance to all standards of local and international accreditation . The Islamic Hospital is one of the largest institutions in the private medical sector in Jordan . The vertical and horizontal expansion that we achieved , the high capacity of utilization , and high - level credibility and competitiveness are all achieved as a result of commitment to our national mission and social responsibility and our belief in our role in this development . Eventually , all the aforementioned constitute a significant role to guarantee sustainability of our mission , role , and vision .



The operating department is considered one of the sensitive departments, as each operating room is considered a mini hospital in which all advanced equipment and distinguished medical staff are available. We have 10 advanced operating rooms and 3 gynecological operating rooms with complete independence and privacy, 18 recovery beds, and 17 beds for daily cases, in addition to a central sterilization department, all of which are working all the time .


Comprehensive specialized clinic services provided to more than 54 specialized clinics include a wide range of specialist visits, diverse and rare medical procedures, and diagnostic procedures to support clinical treatment. The specialized clinics enjoy Canadian platinum accreditation with a commitment to meeting and providing the highest standards of quality and distinguished medical care at the level of the Middle East.

The specialized clinics include the main building, which covers more than 52 multi-specialty clinics, and the children’s and women’s clinics building, which covers 13.

Specialized clinic services include a distinguished team of specialist doctors and consultants with high experience and professionalism, more than 86 doctors covering full and partial coverage, which encourages the adoption of a multidisciplinary treatment approach that aims to integrate many sectors and guide the patient in diagnostic treatment programs.

To ensure the facilitation of the medical services provided, the building was reinforced with a special blood drawing laboratory that serves clinic visitors and facilitates movement for patients and visitors.

The clinics on each floor of the building include additional services to facilitate patients' time and effort.

The insurance office and the patient and client accounting office are on each floor of each building. A private pharmacy covers the clinics of the floor in the outpatient clinics building.

A radiology department serves patients and visitors of orthopedic clinics and chest clinics. The clinics include specialized and integrated centers equipped with the latest advanced equipment, including a medical and dental center equipped with a special panoramic X-ray device that serves the center’s and dental clinics’ visitors.

The pain treatment center is within the advanced therapeutic standards and principles, and it is a specialized eye center equipped to keep pace with the most important advances in modern science in special eye surgeries and LASIK.

All specialized clinics are equipped with special rooms for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, which are followed up by highly experienced and competent technicians under the supervision of specialist doctors and consultants with a high level of professionalism and high efficiency.

The specialized clinics at the Islamic Hospital are a comprehensive medical complex in one place.


The latest radiological devices with the most accurate results, the most prominent of which are: magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound, fetal medicine center and ultrasound. Mammogram, plain and color imaging, nuclear medicine. And a lithotripsy unit. The department is covered by distinguished consultants, specialists and technicians around the clock. We have a main radiology department, a special emergency department and another for clinics.


Multiple pharmacies to serve patients, outpatient clinics, emergency clinics, clinical pharmacy, and 24-hour service, covered by qualified, trained and highly experienced staff. 


It includes consultants, specialists and technicians in various specialties, as well as comprehensive and distinguished equipment and technologies. 1,200 types of examinations and one million examinations are conducted annually around the clock through 10 specialized divisions. We have an independent laboratory for the emergency department, clinics, and the assisted reproductive unit. We also participate in internal and external quality control programs (CAP & RIQAS).

Assisted reproduction unit

The Assisted Reproductive Unit is one of the first units established in the private sector in 1998. It is based on ethical foundations consistent with Sharia rules and regulations, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy. It includes an elite group of specialists, medical staff, support services, and a specialized laboratory in one place, which has contributed to achieving high rates of fertility. High and distinguished success rate of up to 60%.

Department of Laser and Vision Correction

The Center for Ophthalmology and Surgery is considered one of the distinguished centers in the Middle East with medical staff with specialization, experience, high efficiency and advanced equipment, in addition to specialized clinics. We also perform all eye and vision correction operations with high success rates and we have a central sterilization department to ensure the safety of our patients.

Department of Physical Therapy

The physical therapy center has the latest advanced scientific technologies and highly qualified specialists and staff who specialize in treating pain and joint problems, brain and spinal cord injuries, neurological problems and disorders, sports injuries, intervention before and after surgical operations, pain and problems of the neck, back, spine, respiratory system, balance disorders, motor impairment, and speech and swallowing diseases.


It is one of the supportive medical units in the hospital, and it has the latest international equipment that uses modern technologies in the field of breaking up stones in the urinary tract, and also in treating some bone-related conditions. The unit is interested in providing safe service to patients within international standards for service quality and patient safety.


Multiple nursing departments, including the legal division of surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, postpartum and newborns, with highly qualified staff and distinguished hotel rooms and suites. 


The dialysis unit is distinguished by the presence of the latest equipment and technology in the region, as it contains 17 modern dialysis machines, in addition to the dialysis service for all intensive care rooms with separate water treatment units. The department also provides plasma separation service with the latest devices, and the average number of sessions per month is 800 sessions. The unit is monitored by full-time consultants, kidney transplant specialists, and a distinguished nursing staff.

Birth and prematurity

The prematurity department includes a highly qualified medical and nursing staff with distinguished experience and modern and advanced medical equipment. It contains 17 incubators. We have excelled in achieving many success stories in dealing with complex cases. It is the first in the region to deal with preterm infants as young as 23 weeks old and weighing 580 grams. It achieved a 95% satisfaction rate and an infection control rate. % 0% for more than twenty years.


The emergency department is one of the vital departments and provides distinguished medical service around the clock through a staff of specialist doctors and a distinguished and qualified nursing staff with a capacity of 40 beds, including internal surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, eyes and teeth. It also contains a laboratory and radiology department, its own pharmacy, and 3 ambulances. Equipped with the latest advanced equipment to transport all cases.

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When you arrive at the Islamic Hospital, you will find a team of workers at your service to ensure your comfort, seeking to facilitate all procedures during your stay, whether in the hospital, in the hotel, or accompanying you to the doctor. They are also at your service during your free time if you so desire.

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How do I contact emergency services?

The Emergency Department is one of the vital departments and provides distinguished medical service around the clock through a staff of specialist doctors and a distinguished and qualified nursing staff, with a capacity of 40 beds.

How do I contact emergency services?

The Emergency Department is one of the vital departments and provides distinguished medical service around the clock through a staff of specialist doctors and a distinguished and qualified nursing staff, with a capacity of 40 beds.

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