Comprehensive specialized clinic services provided to more than 54 specialized clinics include a wide range of specialist visits, diverse and rare medical procedures, and diagnostic procedures to support clinical treatment. The specialized clinics enjoy Canadian platinum accreditation with a commitment to meeting and providing the highest standards of quality and distinguished medical care at the level of the Middle East.

The specialized clinics include the main building, which covers more than 52 multi-specialty clinics, and the children’s and women’s clinics building, which covers 13.

Specialized clinic services include a distinguished team of specialist doctors and consultants with high experience and professionalism, more than 86 doctors covering full and partial coverage, which encourages the adoption of a multidisciplinary treatment approach that aims to integrate many sectors and guide the patient in diagnostic treatment programs.

To ensure the facilitation of the medical services provided, the building was reinforced with a special blood drawing laboratory that serves clinic visitors and facilitates movement for patients and visitors.

The clinics on each floor of the building include additional services to facilitate patients' time and effort.

The insurance office and the patient and client accounting office are on each floor of each building. A private pharmacy covers the clinics of the floor in the outpatient clinics building.

A radiology department serves patients and visitors of orthopedic clinics and chest clinics. The clinics include specialized and integrated centers equipped with the latest advanced equipment, including a medical and dental center equipped with a special panoramic X-ray device that serves the center’s and dental clinics’ visitors.

The pain treatment center is within the advanced therapeutic standards and principles, and it is a specialized eye center equipped to keep pace with the most important advances in modern science in special eye surgeries and LASIK.

All specialized clinics are equipped with special rooms for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, which are followed up by highly experienced and competent technicians under the supervision of specialist doctors and consultants with a high level of professionalism and high efficiency.

The specialized clinics at the Islamic Hospital are a comprehensive medical complex in one place.